VMakerHOST Expands Hosting Presence to London, UK

In a continuing streak of tremendous growth and expansion, we at VMakerHOST are announcing our latest POP in London, UK! Located in the OVH facility UK London, we look to bring a unique offering in the Europe. We have chosen London to complement our existing locations and to meet the growing demands of our European & UK clients We deploy the ... Read More »

27th Aug 2020
SSL Secure Stream


We like to inform your our stream is now SSL Secure and fully compatible with new Chrome update.

You will now find a new section titled "Secure Proxy Links", under the "quick links" page, of each station's dashboard


Replace USERNAME with your account username.

4th May 2020
Migration form cPanel to DirectAdmin

VMakerHOST was founded with the aim of always been giving clients the most for their money. We always make sure you have not to pay more for what you received, and make sure quality is always high. Unfortunately, cPanel our main control panel provider increase the price which infect a biggest monopoly in hosting industry small to medium size ... Read More »

12th Jul 2019
Radio Server Migration

Since last 1 month we are facing lot of issue with our current server provider, Issue is with their network Unfortunately network stability is beyond our control we should change it in first place when we start having issue but due to request made by our clients for not to change ip and port we deploy new server in same old Datacenter ... Read More »

27th Nov 2016