VMakerHOST Expands Hosting Presence to London, UK

  • Thursday, 27th August, 2020
  • 18:21pm

In a continuing streak of tremendous growth and expansion, we at VMakerHOST are announcing our latest POP in London, UK! Located in the OVH facility UK London, we look to bring a unique offering in the Europe. We have chosen London to complement our existing locations and to meet the growing demands of our European & UK clients

We deploy the exact same settings and configurations on all servers regardless of hosting location. cPanel, Litespeed, JetBackp, Cloudlinux, Softaculous

London was a highly requested location and we are happy to have expanded our footprint where our clients want us to be.

At the moment we only offer Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting, SEO Hosting on our cPanel Servers

Different White-label nameservers in every location

Shared Hosting Plans

Reseller Hosting Plans

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