Late fee no longer applied

  • 18th December 2022


We would like to inform our clients that the late fees will no longer be applied in case the invoice is overdue. However invoices will be generated for each cycle even if the previous invoice remains unpaid.

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VMakerHOST White label Service Provider Announces Launch of New Frankfurt, Germany Datacenter

  • 19th November 2021
VMakerHOST a leading high performance hosting provider, has announced today the expansion of its Turbo charged hosting services in Germany. The new Turbo charged hosting is powered by uniquely optimized high frequency compute infrastructure. It enables websites to rank top in most speed tests, providing up to 20X instant performance gain and up ...
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VMakerHOST Expands Hosting Presence to London, UK

  • 27th August 2020
In a continuing streak of tremendous growth and expansion, we at VMakerHOST are announcing our latest POP in London, UK! Located in the OVH facility UK London, we look to bring a unique offering in the Europe. We have chosen London to complement our existing locations and to meet the growing demands of our European & UK clients We deploy the ...
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SSL Secure Stream

  • 4th May 2020


We like to inform your our stream is now SSL Secure and fully compatible with new Chrome update.

You will now find a new section titled "Secure Proxy Links", under the "quick links" page, of each station's dashboard

Replace USERNAME with your account username.

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